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Hello and welcome to my beautiful adventure into floral art and design, flower gardens and nature blogging. I hope to share through this blog some of my own learning and my passion for colour and flowers.

My name is Mel and I’m ‘Blooming where I am planted’ here in fabulous County Cork, Ireland. A busy wife and mother to three gorgeous children and a native of fantastic Aotearoa New Zealand. My Mum Phillipa is a talented Florist and Floral Designer (you can check out her website www.bespokeflowers.co.nz or look her up on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/bespokeflowers ) so I grew up absorbing and practicing many skills but am relatively new to the world of Floral Art competition. I jumped into this at the deep end (as I tend to do) by entering to compete at the World Association of Floral Artists 11th World Flower Show which was held in Dublin in June 2014. This was a tremendous challenge and awesome experience.

Here is my exhibit:

Class 16 - 53 Degrees North
Class 16 – 53 Degrees North


And with Mum next to her entry in Class 27 – Perpetual Motion
And with Mum next to her entry in Class 27 – Perpetual Motion

I belong to a local flower and garden club which is affiliated to the Association of Irish Floral Artists (AOIFA) https://sites.google.com/site/aoifaireland/ and here I participate in the monthly floral art competitions and view a range of demonstrations. This is excellent. I am learning lots of techniques, progressing through the ranks and growing in my skills.

Here is a great basic online guide to the general floral arrangement forms that will help anyone wanting to learn.


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